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Jericoa Necklace



The Jericoa Necklace is based off of a necklace Scosha had put together during her travels, collecting found objects along the way her necklace grew and grew, representing different places she had been and people she had met. Since then she has made over 1000 variations of this necklace. It's eclectic mix of vintage and and found charms means that each necklace is unique, no two are exactly the same.

– Mixed materials in sterling silver, recycled leathers, hand dyed tassels, beautiful vintage beads and shells from beaches all over the world.

– Adjustable hand braided waxed nylon cord in Indigo,Natural and Stone.

– Length is 18-30"  and  is one of a kind

This piece is hand made at the Atelier in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


Sterling Silver

Vintage Beads

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