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Why Upcycle?

Aside from being a sustainable practice, upcycling is a meaningful way of repurposing jewelry to make it your own and to bring an heirloom back to life! Every piece of jewelry has a unique history and tells a story. Let's write a new chapter . . .

Getting Started

The first step is to email custom@scosha.com with information about your upcycling idea. Please include any relevant inspiration pictures or sketches, budget, and images of the pieces that you are considering upcycling.

Once you send through all the information for the upcycling project, a SCOSHA staff member will be in touch to set up an appointment with Scosha.

Delivering the Goods

Upon confirmation of the project, we will send you a waiver stating you’re giving permission to dismantle your jewelry pieces. The jewelry can be dropped off at our flagship store or shipped. If shipping please insure and use a reputable shipping company, if dropping off please set up a time with our staff.

Live Locally?

Deliver your precious items to our Brooklyn store

Don't Live Locally?

Request a Scosha-insured secure package system to be sent out to you.

Assessment of Materials

We can upcycle rings, brooches, chains, or anything that is gold, with or without precious and semi-precious stones. Upcycling is quite a labor-intensive practice. Keeping mind that you will save on the cost of the stones and any metals we are able to use but there are fees for the removal, break down and refurbishing of your materials, along with design fees and cost of additional materials.

Design Collaboration

Scosha will listen to you over an in-person or virtual appointment. She will bring to life your vision in sketches, and make recommendations based on her 20 years of jewelry-making expertise.

Design Implementation

Our team of experts forges by hand the loose materials into the finished product. You can view custom projects here.

How Much Does
Upcycling Cost?

Typically, upcycle projects start at $2000. The final balance will include the design fee, production fee and additional materials. But again, it really depends on what you're getting made.

Delivering to You

Live Locally?

Simply collect your reborn treasure from our Brooklyn store. We'll let you know when it's ready for pick-up.

Don't Live Locally?

We will send your fresh new heirloom to your specified address. The package will be trackable and insured. You will receive all tracking and shipping information in advance.

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