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How to Care

We believe SCOSHA jewelry should be worn everyday. Some wear like scratches and dings and even tarnishing can happen; its all part of wearing jewelry on a daily basis. Most of our pieces require very little care, that being said, here are some tips to keep our jewelry looking beautiful.

10k, 14k and 18k gold (with or without stones) can be cleaned by soaking in warm water with a drop of washing up detergent. Use a small soft brush to gently scrub the jewelry, then rinse off and dry with a soft polishing cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth to shine and remove any tarnishing from your piece. Diamond rings can also be cleaned at a reputable jeweler.

Sterling Silver tarnishes when it comes in contact with oxygen. The best way to prevent this is by wearing your silver jewelry often. The oils from your skin will help prevent tarnishing. When storing your silver pieces, use an airtight ziploc bag and add a piece of chalk or a silica gel packet. This will prevent the tarnishing of unworn pieces. If you do see some tarnishing, you can polish it with the jewelry polishing cloth.

Yellow Brass may darken with wear. If you don't like the dark patina, try and avoid wetting brass jewelry. A commercial brass cleaner, like JAX, will restore your piece to its original shine. Brushing the piece with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush, or soaking it in coca-cola for a few minutes, will also remedy this issue.

Gold plating is a process of coating a base metal, like brass or sterling silver, with 18k gold. To keep your piece looking beautiful, avoid wearing it in water. Continuous and prolonged use will wear the gold plating away. Gold plated jewelry pieces cannot be resized or engraved.

Diamonds and precious gem stones are harder stones that can withstand high temperatures and humidity. Depending on the quality, the stone will not only contribute to its appearance but its overall structure. All these stones can be cleaned with warm soapy water, scrubbing gently with a little brush paying special attention to the under side where oils begin to buildup over time.

Opals and Turquoise are fairly soft, porous and have a high water content. This makes them sensitive to climate, temperature and humidity changes, which can also cause them to darken over time. The best way to keep these stones in good condition is to avoid high temperature climates, removing during physical activity and avoiding soap, water and all household cleaning products. Remove and store your opal and tourquoise jewelry carefully when not being worn.  

Fibers and waxed nylons are all made in the USA. They are water resistant and durable enough to be worn in water. The more you wear, the more the wax begins to wear away and the fiber softens. If the braid does become worn, please email us at for rebraiding information.

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