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Scosha Loves — Kyle & Kelsey

November 10, 2022

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Kyle and Kelsey live in LA. Kyle is the founder of a real estate technology company and Kelsey works in the entertainment industry.  We have a 1-year-old Wheaten Terrier named Eleiko.

What has been your best adventure?

Kelsey moved from LA to NYC when she was 23 not knowing anyone there – and met Kyle. Kyle returned the favor and moved to LA several years later, only knowing Kelsey.

What and where was the best vacation you’ve had?

Hands down, Cabo on Christmas.  It feels like you get the entire place to yourself. The trick is to leave before New Year’s Eve.

Who has been the most important guide in your life?

We’ve adopted a mantra that the universe has a path for us, and we often reaffirm it by reminding ourselves that when the good things happen (the bad stuff is our fault).

What is your favorite recipe and why is it your go-to?

Some time a few years ago, we got in the habit of making good Japanese sushi rice. It sounds simple, but surprisingly hard to make the rice exactly at room temperature with the right consistency. If the rice is even a little bit off, it can fall apart as you’re trying to eat it. So it’s a great feeling when we get it right.

What is your favorite Scosha jewelry piece?

Kelsey: My Emerald Kinship Engagement Ring!

Kyle: I’ve worn my Signature Bracelets for years, but now it is 100% my Hammered Dome Wedding Band!


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