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Scosha Loves — Kayla Foster

November 15, 2017

Tell us about your character, Barbara. What is it that connects you to her? What similarities, if any, have you found between the two of you?
Barbara, like many of the ladies of the night on “The Deuce”, is extremely intelligent and strong. She wants to get herself out of a rough situation on the streets and has a quiet and calculated plan throughout the season. Ultimately (spoiler alert!), she becomes a victim of “the life” in a way she never expected.
I connect with Barbara in many ways. Her relationship with Melissa (played by Olivia Luccardi) is something I loved working on throughout the season. They have such a sweet connection and Barbara is very protective of her. I think people in my life would describe me as very protective and loyal as well.
If I can respond to the opposite side of the question, Barbara keeps her thoughts and feelings very close to the vest. She doesn’t expose herself emotionally in the same way I do. It was interesting to work on capping myself when playing Barbara, who, if too emotional, could put herself in a dangerous position.
A song that helps you get into character?
The pilot of The Deuce opens with the 1971 song “Treat Her Like a Lady” by the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose. Often times, when reading a script, if it mentions a song, I will play the song while reading to understand the mood the writer is trying to create. These brilliant writers couldn’t have picked a better song to create the energy of The Deuce. Every time I would shoot, I listened to that song in my trailer as an entry point into our world. 

Best/funniest on-set moment?
I believe this happened when we were shooting Episode 2. We were all getting to know each other and there was a big group of us in one of the scenes on the street. I think it was the last scene in the episode. Our holding area was in Mooney’s sex shop, which made us all giggle in a VERY immature way. We were all sitting around laughing and Method Man was telling us the most amazing riddles. Most of us were stumped and were even trying to figure out the answers while we were shooting the scene.
How does it feel being part of a show like The Deuce as your first screen acting credit?
George Pelecanos, David Simon, and Nina Noble are the ultimate team and brought together the coolest group of people. It felt like a constant lesson in professionalism, kindness, and dedication. I was surrounded by the hardest working artists who were so honest and thoughtful in their work. I couldn’t have had a better experience and am beyond honored to be a part of it.

Who has been the most important guide in your life? 
My guide(s) are undoubtedly my parents. I believe that “guide” is the perfect word for each of them. Since the day I moved to New York they have lived my successes and my failures with me. Parents of artists have a big choice to make because the rollercoaster ride we are on is unpredictable, to say the least. My parents sacrifice a lot of peace and sanity to buckle down right next to me on my rollercoaster. While the failures can be extremely taxing, we live the successes together and there is nothing more special than that. 


How would you say your perception of the world around you influences your style? 

Living in New York can require a lot of energy, so I always start with comfort. Sometimes I have to wear an outfit for 10+ hours, so I always want to make sure I can really live in it. My biggest influence right now is the band Haim and their stylist Rebecca Grice. They combine comfort and fashion in the perfect way. I love mixing vintage and new pieces and try to never wear too much black. I used to only wear black and it was depressing! 

A favorite quote? 

“Don’t compare your hustle to their highlight reel.” - Sophie Amoruso

Where is your favorite travel destination? 

Cape Town, South Africa!

What is your favorite Scosha piece? 

Scosha is an aspirational brand. Everything Scosha posts and makes I want to emulate! She’s a genius. If I had to list all of my favorites there would be too many for this interview so I’ll choose my most recent favorite.

I love Scosha’s delicate pieces. For the premiere of The Deuce, I wore a few of her necklaces layered. It was so pretty and made the perfect statement with the Sally LaPointe outfit. I absolutely adored all of them but I LOVED wearing the Fairy Bead Necklace in Gold. It’s the kind of piece you can live in, and wear every day and night.



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