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Scosha Loves — Julie Lansom

January 4, 2019

(photo by Clément Jolin for sessùn)

What does traveling mean to you? Including any cultural or eye-opening experiences, you’ve had.

Escape and discovery. 

Who/what has been the most important guide in your life?  

My family & friends. My grandmother is a very big part of my life and an example of strength, feminism, and determination. Here is a photo of her with a friend in the 50s. 

You describe yourself as “obsessed with color,” how do you use color in your work and how does it inform your process?

In every aspect of my work: photography, swimwear, design, painting, I imagine and create color palettes. Color is the center of everything I do. You can find obvious similarities if you look at the different things I create.   

The Sputnik lamps have been a big hit in the SCOSHA store. What was the inspiration behind them and can briefly describe the process of building one? 

The inspiration behind the Sputnik lamps is an old 70s lamp I found in a bric-à-brac years ago. It had the idea of wood and string but with very bad materials and a boring shape. I thought I could do something else with this idea if I changed everything to my own designs, pattern, and material. The first Sputnik was born when I needed a lamp for my home, then my friends asked for some, then my friend's friends and then it became something else, which is amazing!  


What are you always sure to collect while traveling? 

Ideas and memories.  

What other artist are you inspired by? 

Ruth Asawa, an American artist and sculptor whose wire work was incredibly precious. 

The best beach you’ve ever been to?

Every beach in le Pays Basque in France.

A favorite quote?

« Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien. »

A place you dream of one day visiting? 

La Quebrada de Humahuaca in Argentina.

Lastly, what is your favorite SCOSHA piece? 
I'm a huge fan of rings. I have several at almost each of my fingers. I couldn't choose when I decided to order some Scosha pieces. SO I had to take 3. My favorite is the  Midday Ring

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