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Scosha Loves — Jeremy and Jesse

July 12, 2019


Jeremy slid into our DM's searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to propose to his fiancé with. They were visiting New York City for World Pride and Jeremy thought it was the perfect opportunity to pop the question. 

How'd you discover SCOSHA?

I found SCOSHA just scrolling through Instagram and looking in the Brooklyn area. I didn’t see anything that really jumped out at me until after I saw your guys’ page. You were very quick to respond to my messages and I enjoyed the aesthetic once I visited the store. Everyone was friendly and I appreciated the great customer service :)

How long have you been dating?

Jesse and I have been dating for over 4 years. 

What inspired you to pop the question this year? 

We both enjoy the outdoors, LGBTQIA and POC activism and awareness, adventuring, music, and being kind people. I KNEW I wanted to propose at World Pride because it was the biggest celebration of queer people congregating together for the 50th Stonewall riots. It meant a lot to me to be here with my friends and other queers just to say “we exist, we matter, and we love just like everyone else loves.” 

You proposed on Ellis Island - was there any significance to that? 

I decided to propose on Ellis Island because it has a fantastic view of Manhattan. It also so happens to be where my grandparents sailed in from Ireland a generation ago. Jesse’s family are also immigrants and it was important for us to acknowledge the sacrifices that were made prior to our existence. America wouldn’t be what it is today without the immigrants living in it. Plus it was just beautiful and everything fell into place perfectly! 


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