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Scosha Loves — David Andrew

March 22, 2017

Stylist and longtime friend of the brand, Brooklynite David Andrew explains the role traveling plays in his creative process while on set of the Scosha Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook shoot at Rockaway Beach.

What does traveling mean to you?

The word Travel to me means excites adventure. When I travel I feel the most free. It's when I travel I become the most creative.


Who has been the most important guide in your life?

My Wife. She is an amazing person. She is my other half. She corrects me and I don't mind. She is one key reason why I travel.


What has been your best adventure?

My Wife and I took a trip to Ethiopia to get married in Lalibela. It was epic.


What are you always sure to collect while traveling and why?

Jewelry and Textiles. It's something that I love to wear. It tells a story. It's also a reminder of my travels. It's also the best gift to give some one. I Usually buy it for myself and give it away after.



A song that makes you want to hit the road?

Fela - Fear not for Man


The best beach you’ve ever been to?

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada


A favorite quote?

"The best things in life are free."


A place you dream of one day visiting?



What is your favorite Scosha piece.



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