Scosha Loves — David Andrew

Stylist and longtime friend of the brand, Brooklynite David Andrew explains the role traveling plays in his creative process while on set of the Scosha Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook shoot at Rockaway Beach.

What does traveling mean to you?

The word Travel to me means excites adventure. When I travel I feel the most free. It's when I travel I become the most creative.


Who has been the most important guide in your life?

My Wife. She is an amazing person. She is my other half. She corrects me and I don't mind. She is one key reason why I travel.


What has been your best adventure?

My Wife and I took a trip to Ethiopia to get married in Lalibela. It was epic.


What are you always sure to collect while traveling and why?

Jewelry and Textiles. It's something that I love to wear. It tells a story. It's also a reminder of my travels. It's also the best gift to give some one. I Usually buy it for myself and give it away after.



A song that makes you want to hit the road?

Fela - Fear not for Man


The best beach you’ve ever been to?

Grand Anse Beach in Grenada


A favorite quote?

"The best things in life are free."


A place you dream of one day visiting?



What is your favorite Scosha piece.



Follow David on Instagram — @ask4dave



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