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Scosha Loves - Anna and Patrick

December 10, 2021

Hi there -

Happy holidays! Hoping the past week treated you well and you're on the up & up from the horrible incident you had with your newest collection- so sorry to hear about that. 

I just had to share how much my engagement ring has meant to us the past two years. You worked with my husband, Patrick Mulvihill, to use a stone from his grandma- Nancy Harvey, or Mamaw to her many grandchildren- with your beautiful multi-colored stone band. It was exactly the ring of my dreams! 

Little did we know after getting engaged in November of 2019 that we’d soon be postponing our wedding. In early 2021, we lost Mamaw to a stroke. She was totally your kind of woman– taught drama at the local college up until age 82, an avid reader and traveler, her favorite drink was a blonde beer with a shot of lemon vodka, she always matched her wig to her dress, and her dress to her shoes, and her jewelry to the whole thing. We were devastated to lose her, but on the drive into St. Louis to say goodbye, there was a massive rainbow with one end beginning around where her childhood home was, and the other right at the hospital where she passed. We’ve since seen rainbows everywhere– in the mosaics at the church where her funeral service was held, in the window of the preschool across the street from her favorite restaurant where we held the celebration of her life after, and even one the morning after our wedding here in Kansas City, just over a month ago. Of course, the one we love most of all is right on my finger, with me every day. 

Thank you for your beautiful artistry- your work allows so many to hold their beloved memories as close to them as possible. It’s such a gift. Best of luck in the recovery process with your latest collection. I hope the outpouring of support has given you a glimpse, at least, into a fraction of the meaning you’ve imbued into so many peoples lives and jewelry collections. Looking forward to our next visit to NYC! 

Best, Anna Petrow


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