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Scosha Loves — Aaron & Sarah

June 5, 2018

How did you hear about SCOSHA and how would you describe the process of the creating the ring together?

Sarah and I live in the area, and Sarah discovered SCOSHA walking around the neighborhood. When we decided to create a custom engagement ring, SCOSHA popped right to mind. We had talked with several other jewelers before going to Scosha, but Sarah immediately loved her work. Just as importantly, Scosha was so personable and communicative throughout the process. It really felt like she wanted to make something that was right for us, and she was willing to hear our thoughts and make it feel like a real collaboration. 

What gave you the idea to upcycle your mother’s diamond for your engagement ring?

I have a ring that I inherited from my grandfather, and it means a lot to me to wear something with a person I care about connected to it. My mom offered the diamond from the ring my dad had given her and that she no longer wears, and we both loved the idea. It makes it more than a beautiful object, it gives it another layer of meaning for us. I like the thought that as objects get passed on from one person to another, they get imbued with more and more meaning. 

Tell us about the history behind the ring and how you hope to see it in the future.

Sarah and I decided to design the ring collaboratively with a jeweler. I thought that if it's something she is going to be wearing for the rest of her life, she should have some input and make sure it's something she really likes! We're excited to see the diamond have a new life on Sarah's finger, and it looks beautiful. 

Describe the proposal and what are your fiancé’s thoughts on the ring.

Since Sarah already knew what the ring was going to look like, I wanted to do something to add a new element that she wouldn't know in advance or see coming so a week before I proposed, I asked for our first-anniversary date to be inscribed on the inside of the band. 

On the Saturday after our fifth anniversary, it was a beautiful spring day. I took us to the Neue Galerie, where we had our first unofficial date five years ago.  We walked into Central Park afterward, and I proved my manhood by rowing us on the rowboats in the pond. I was a little terrified that the ring--which was in my backpack--would fall in the water! Luckily it didn't. 

We landed the boat back at the dock, and when Sarah wasn't looking I slipped the ring into my pocket, and then we started walking towards a cherry blossom orchard. It was tricky because neither of us likes to be the center of attention, and of course, there were tons of photographers and selfie-takers crowding all the trees! We finally found some cherry blossoms that were a little out of the way, and the only people around were in a photographer meet-up. After bouncing from tree to tree, nervously trying to find the perfect one, I finally dropped to a knee and asked Sarah to marry me. And she said yes!

Sarah loves her "princess" ring, as she calls it. Sometimes I wake up and Sarah is just looking at the ring in its box admiring it!

Typical question - but how did you meet and when did you know you wanted to propose? 

Sarah and I met during her sophomore and my senior year of college. We met in a studio art class and saw a lot of each other because we both stayed late at the studio and also were in Hillel together. We were friends for a while, and finally started dating only about a month before I graduated. One thing I really value in our relationship is how open and honest the communication is--we had talked about getting married for probably around a year before I decided to buck up the courage to officially ask! 


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