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Scosha Loves – Alexa Wilding

New York songstress and model for our Resort Campaign, Alexa Wilding tells us of her inspirational family of artists, her travels as a singer, and the life changing role of being a mother to identical twins.

What does traveling mean to you?

Traveling means leaving that which is familiar. One can literally travel to a far away place or travel in ones mind while standing still. Both are magic!

Who has been the most important guide in your life?

My grandmother, who I called Baba, she passed this spring. She was a watercolor painter, a world traveler, a real friend, and the most positive person I have ever known. She taught me to love life, my fellow humans, and to laugh the blues away.

What has been your best adventure?

Becoming West and Lou's mother. Identical twins are magical creatures, and I get to live with them, hear their secret language, be a part of their otherworldly bond.

What was your funniest foreign language broken communication moment?

Once in Paris, I was trying to explain to a room full of French painters that I was a singer-songwriter and somehow by the end of the night word got around that I was a famous opera singer.

What are you always sure to collect while traveling and why?

I always collect religious or spiritual paraphernalia, especially of female saints, native to wherever I am. I like to think by bringing them home I am collecting a circle of angels and mystics and the magic of their lands to watch over me and my family.

A song that makes you want to hit the road?

The best beach you’ve ever been to?

A favorite quote?

“A blessing really, "May creatures every where be happy, healthy and free"

A place you dream of one day visiting?

What is your favorite Scosha piece?

I love the Caravan Hoops. I wore them in the video for my song Eden.